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Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics


George E. Bonney, Ph.D.,

The Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics Unit, still in its formative stages, has shown rapid growth. The ultimate aim is to establish at the center a strong statistical, mathematical and computational group to address difficult analytical problems in genetics, especially those arising from or fostering center studies. There are two principal activities, research and service, with the following aims:


1. Research Program: To develop statistical methods and computer software for genetic analysis utilizing family data, population samples, and DNA and protein sequences.


2. Statistics and Informatics Service Core (SISSC): To provide statistics and bioinformatics support for studies at the center.


Furthermore, Dr. Bonney is providing a leadership role in developing two research programs with small funding from the National Human Research Institute. They are: the genetic epidemiology of asthma and breast cancer.


The Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics Research Program evaluates and develops statistical methods and computer software for genetic analysis involving family data, population samples, and DNA and protein sequences.  New methods are implemented in our user-friendly computer software packages: G.E.MS for genetic epidemiologic data, CORRDAT for general correlated data, MULTIMAX for function optimization, and BIOSEQA for the analysis of DNA, protein and other biological sequences. The methods being studied in this research program are all directly applicable to the genetic epidemiology studies at the center, and so the group is highly motivated.  
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The Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics Unit includes the following staff members:

  • Apprey, Victor
  • Bonney, George
  • Yue, Qingqi
  • Yuan, Ao
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