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Family History Information & Tools

Race, Genetics, Genetic Counseling, and Specific Diseases

Local Resources:

Birth and Death Certificate Information (A fee is charged by the agency per certificate)

Washington, DC
State of Maryland
Commonwealth of Virginia
(202) 671-5000
(804) 662-6200

Contact a Genetic Counselor

Please visit: http://www.nsgc.org/resourcelink.cfm to contact a genetic counselor near you. Please speak with the genetic counselor and your health insurance company about the cost of services.

Contact us at:

  Community Genetics Education Network

(202) 806-9849

  Facsimile: (202) 806-4898
  Email: fkhunter@howard.edu
  Mailing Address: Howard University College of Medicine
520 W Street NW, Suite 2400
Washington, DC 20059 
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